Psychological and counselling Services with Adults and Adolescents

As a registered Psychologist I take a professional yet personal approach to the assessment and treatment of mental health and personal life issues.  At the same time, I listen to your individual needs, and the goals that you have in mind, that you want to achieve for your wellbeing. 

ACC Sensitive claims and working toward independence

If you have been sexually abused in some way, you can contact me directly to initiate ACC funded therapy. I also work with people who have had accident related trauma, or head injury, I am an ACC registered Psychologist who works with both Adults and Adolescents.  Sexual abuse is often at the heart of many presentations such as, insecure attachment, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, depression, dissociation, eating disorders, and self- harm. This suffering disrupts people’s lives and causes difficulties in daily functioning, career development, relationships both with others, and with themselves, and in how they understand and make meaning of who they are, and what has happened to them.

Professional Supervision

Most people who are working with others in some position of responsibility are required to engage in supervision. Supervision can be valuable in helping you reflect on your professional processes and ethical practices as you interact and engage with others. Supervision helps us maintain our own wellness by having a more balanced life, and aids in the prevention of burnout. 

Psychological Assessment

I provide Psychological Assessments for Go Well, an agency which works with Church Missionary Organisations.


I am a trained mediator and provide voluntary mediation for the Dunedin Mediation Centre which is a free to the community mediation service.