Why go to a psychologist

Why seek help?

Many people are nervous or sceptical about going to a psychologist or counsellor, and most people benefit when they do. Finding the right ‘fit’ with a person is very important. I try to provide an approach that is both professional and accessible. If you have religious and cultural beliefs, I realise that these may be different from mine, but I see those as being important and will treat them with respect. Many people suffer anxiety and depression but are not always aware that it has got to a level where the anxiety or depression is itself causing some problems in life. Have you avoided something recently because you’re not comfortable in the situation? Do you now get little pleasure out of things that you used to enjoy and find you are tired all the time? Are your eating habits causing you to hide them from others? Are you burnt out and have lost confidence in your ability to lead or do your job?


Having a healthy balance in life that keeps us well is something we all struggle to maintain. Being mindful of what we think, and how that affects us, is important to how we feel and behave.


The events of life shape us but they don’t define who we are. Being present in the moment according to Amy Cuddy (2016) in her book Presence said, “Presence is believing and trusting in your story… your beliefs, values, feelings, and abilities.” To live our lives and feel energised and well, we need to manage our emotions, our actions, and our personal life, family, friends, and working lives. Sometimes broken attachments to parents or other carers have been the very source of our trauma. At times we are all required to deal with grief and loss, anger, and fear, rejection and abandonment, that’s the hard work of living, loving and relationships. And at different times in our lives we all need help to manage this. There is no shame, no blame, life can be hard as well as being blessed and abundant.