Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is an evidence-based therapy that focuses on automatic negative beliefs that we have developed throughout life and helps us change them to be more positive and adaptive.

Solution focused therapy

A solution focused approach is a conversation around developing and achieving the clients vision of their goals that will provide a solution to the current issue. Its thinking about what they want to be different and setting goals around achieving those solutions.


Therapy Approaches

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is an evidence-based therapy that uses eye movement to process the memories of adverse life events. It is based on an Adaptive Information Processing model and is an established trauma therapy. EMDR enables the past to be in the past, and allows us to live in the present. This means a more positive outcome for our future. Annette has found this to be a very successful process that has improved the outcomes and personal wellbeing of many clients.

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family systems therapy is gaining knowledge, understanding and appreciation of all the different aspects of ourselves. To cope with life’s experiences and expectations we often separate ourselves from those aspects of us which experienced a time in our lives which was really traumatic, life threatening, or abusive, or just downright painful! We hide these parts because if we actually think about those times, it is just too uncomfortable for us. But, of course, we cannot escape them, they are triggered by things in the present, and affect the way we respond in the moment. IFS therapy helps us integrate and value all the different parts of our personality and experience. It makes peace with our inner selves.